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Celebrate National Sandwich Day

Posted on: November 3, 2009

Today is a great day to enjoy your favorite sandwich. Get creative and make a new creation.

Try creating a new sandwich and giving it a fancy name. Add things together that you normally wouldn’t put on a sandwich. Try different meats, cheeses or breads.

Create a dagwood sandwich by adding as much as you can to the sandwich with maybe an extra piece of bread.

Make your own sub sandwich. The deli at your local grocery store should have bread in long rolls that you can use.

Another way to have fun with your sandwich is use cookie cutters to make sandwich shapes. They have special cutters that you can find at your grocery store or Wal-Mart that cut the sandwich in a dinosaur shape or other things too. You can also use food markers that you can find at your local grocer too. They are usually found in the baking aisle by the icing. Use them to make a face on the sandwich or write a special message.

Sandwiches can be made just about any way you can imagine. Enjoy today by going to a special sandwich shop that you haven’t been to before there are a ton of great places out there and you might find something you really like.

Other ways to celebrate could be making a game out of it. See who can build the tallest sandwich? Who can come up with the silliest name for a sandwich? Who can name the most sandwiches in a minute? Name as many sandwich restaurant you can. Who can make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich the fastest?

Eat a sandwich for dinner. It will make dinner easy and fun.

Facts about Sandwiches

Did you know there is a city called Sandwich, Illinois? It’s a city that lies on the borders of DeKalb County, Illinois, LaSalle County, Illinois and Kendall County, Illinois. (Try locating it on the map today)

According to the Guiness Book of World Records, the record for eating sandwiches is held by Peter Dowdeswell. He ate 40 jam and butter sandwiches in 17 minutes, 53.9 seconds on October 17, 1977.

John Montague, 4th Earl of Sandwich (1718-1792) is supposed to have invented the sandwich as a quick meal so as not to interrupt his gambling sessions.

The largest sandwich ever made weighed in at 6,991lbs (3,178kgs). Check it out here. http://www.supersizedmeals.com/food/article.php/20060320192419202

In attempt to make a giant sandwich Iran failed, they started eating it before it got measured. Read about it here.


Have a great day celebrating with Sandwiches.


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