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Turkey Hands – Make one for a centerpiece

Posted on: November 21, 2009

It’s time for turkey and many other yummy things that we love.

Here’s something to make your Thanksgiving special.

Hand turkey’s.




What you will need:



Card stock paper or construction paper – white or cream will do

one pine cone that is clean and pretty.  Smaller size works best.

Markers or crayons



First: you will need to get your paper and trace your child’s hand.  Make sure to kinda spread out their fingers so you can make feathers later.  Just use a pencil and trace it.




Second: You color the hand anyway you like it.  I used red, orange, yellow and brown for my feathers.  Make sure to color the whole hand.




Third: Make a head for your turkey.  This part is a little hard but you need to make it in the shape of an S so that you can apply it later.  Color it after you draw it.




Fourth: Cut out you hand and head.  Write your child’s name and year on it so you can remember when you made it and how old they are.





Fifth: Take you head and color the back of it two if you like.  So that both sides look like a turkey head.

Sixth: Take the hand and put glue on it and put it on the back side of the pine cone.   Then take the turkey head and slip it in between the two little things on the other end add glue to it as well.   Then let it dry over night.  I used a little bit of tape on it to make it dry better to the pinecone and laid it with it’s end up so that it would dry better too.

Last: Put your turkey in a special place. I always put mine on the table or on my book shelve in the front room where everyone can see them.  They also make perfect gifts for the grandparents.



This is two of my turkey’s.  One from my older son who is 8 now.  I made his when he was 4 months and then I made Isaac’s today and he is 14 months old.

Enjoy your turkey’s and make sure to take a picture and invite me to see your finished turkey’s I would love to see them all.  I think I might do one with my hand and my husband’s next so we can have one for the whole family.


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