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Craft: Clothespin Reindeer

Posted on: December 11, 2009


This is a great project to make with your little ones or to make for a group of kids for a Christmas party, ornaments on the tree and table placing.

Things you need:

Clothespins – The picture below shows the ones you will need.

Red balls or red round beads- for noses

wiggly eyes – (optional)


1. Take two clothespins and glue them together to make the body of the reindeer.

2. Take one clothespin and add a dab of glue to the round part of the clothespin for the nose. (you can use a red ball, red bead or you could even draw it on with a red marker.

3. Glue the eyes on. (you can use black, blue or brown marker if you want to)

4. Glue head to the body and you got yourself a reindeer.

You can hang it up on your tree by just pushing the branch between the legs.

Other ideas:

There are many things you can do to the head it’s all up to you and what

supplies you have. I’ve added glitter to my antlers. You can add

eyelashes to the eyes to make a girl. Add a small bow above her eyes if you want.

You could tie a piece of ribbon around it’s neck for a scarf.

I’ve also added just a little piece of green felt and added a red bead to it to make it look like holly.

I’ve also seen where someone just made the heads drilled holes in the sides all the way through and put them on a ribbon with beads and made a necklace. It was really cute.

Happy Reindeer making.


2 Responses to "Craft: Clothespin Reindeer"

Both of my children made these reindeer ornaments when they were little and in grade school. I just put up the tree this week and have the reindeer ornaments still hanging proud. Both are now teenagers and in college. Make sure to put their names and the date on them with a marker – they will last a lifetime! Great instructions!

I have mine on the tree that I made with my mother about 5 years ago, we love them too. Thanks for the comment and the idea of putting years and names. I forgot to mention that.

Hope your holiday was wonderful!

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