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Valentine’s Day Idea #1

Posted on: January 21, 2010

Since Valentine’s Day is coming up and the month hasn’t started here is a great idea that you can do for your husband, wife or children.

Get 14 cards, note cards, postcards, index cards or post it notes. Whatever you can write a love note one. You can get cheap cards just about anywhere. Hallmark, Wal-Mart, Target the Dollar Store. You can also be creative and make your own cards with stickers, markers, construction paper, glitter and whatever else you have on hand.

Send one card to them everyday of the week or put it on the dresser, lunch pail, backpack, wherever you want you loved one to find it. Sending a card in the mail is great because not a lot of people get mail anymore and this would be neat for kids to receive one each day. Now I realize that on Sunday you can’t send one so hid it somewhere in the house that they can find it. You can also do this during the week as well.  Send them to their place of work as well.

Inside the card you can say whatever you want. Be creative and have fun.

If you wanted you could put clues in them for where you will take him or her out for Valentines or pieces of a puzzle they will have to put together. Special stickers, candy, small toys, pencils, pens and anything small.

Start getting your stuff together now or you’ll run out of time. Have fun with it and don’t forget you got to do it everyday.

Come back for more ideas for Valentine’s Day.


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