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Just because Valentine’s has come and went, it doesn’t mean that there is nothing left to celebrate in the month of February. There is still plenty to look forward to.

February is Wild Bird Feeding Month, National Cherry Month, Library Lovers’ Month, Responsible Pet Owner’s Month, and Black History Month. Plus you still have Friendship week, which lands the 21-27 and Tootsie Roll Anniversary on the 23.

So there is no time like today than to plan some extra fun for the month.

Make a bird feeder for the birds this week. Birds need help finding food during the winter and this is a great time to help. Find a pinecone and put peanut butter on it and roll it in birdseed. Find a place to hang it outside so you can see the birds enjoy the food. Make more than one and hang them all over the place.

Here is one more recipe for the birds. Take a saucepan mix 2 quarts of water and 1 cup margarine. Boil. Add 4 cups cereal like cornmeal, rolled oats, or grain. Mix in 1 cup  butter and 1 cup chopped fruit like raisins or dates. Pack mixture into plastic containers and let cool. Set bowls outside so the birds can enjoy it.

Take a trip to the store and find a neat bird feeder for your yard and install it so that you can feed the birds all year around.

Get books from the library to help you identify the birds that visit your yard. (This also helps you celebrate Library Lovers’ Month)

To help with National Cherry Month bake something new with cherries in it. There are many recipes out there that sound wonderful and would make a perfect treat for you and your family.

Make cherry jello and kool-aid. Cut out shapes in your jello with cookie cutters and make popsicles with the kool-aid. Take an ice cube tray and add kool-aid and cover it with plastic wrap and use toothpicks to poke holes in each cube and leave them in. Put in freezer and enjoy when frozen.

Enjoy cherry cheesecake. You can make one from scratch or by the box mix at the store.

Mix a cherry smoothie with frozen cherries.

Use dried cherries in your cereal or salad.

Websites for more information on birds and cherries:







Valentine’s Day Coupon Book:

This is something you can make for your husband, wife or children. It’s a great project for everyone and something fun to receive.


Card stock or construction paper



stapler or hole punch

And this link: Valentine’s Day Coupon (to use template you must have Word)

Valentine’s Day Coupon:

Redeem this coupon for __________________________________

From ____________________________________


Use the template above to make the coupons. Add what you would like to it using your computer. You can add your own images.

Print them out and cut them. Print them on regular paper or colored card stock.

Take a piece of paper and cut out a rectangle a little bigger than your coupons. You will need two.

Take one of the rectangles and make this your cover. Add writing, stickers and drawings.

Put the finished coupons together and add the cover and back. Use a stapler to hold it together or a hole punch and tie it up with ribbon or string.

Don’t know what to write, here are some ideas:

Take out the trash

Make a puzzle together

Play a board game

Hugs and kisses

Back rub

Clean room

Dinner and movie

Make a tent together

Camp out inside the house

Play football

Take construction paper in red, white and pink and cut hearts out of them. Write little love notes on them.

Then take them and put them all around the house. Like in the sock drawer, pocket of a shirt in the closet that you know they will wear, wallet, inside the fridge on an item they will pick up, coffee pot or mug, on the mirror, on the tv or computer. Where ever you think they will find them.

Make sure you make a lot of them. They might be finding them for a couple of days if you hide them good.

You could use post it notes too if you wanted but sometimes they don’t stick very good.

Valentine’s Clothespin Magnets

Supplies needed:

Pretty paper

Colored paper

1 clothespin

Magnet strip



Embellishments – stickers, glitter, markers, brads, buttons, etc…..

Take the clothespin and trace around it on the pretty paper of your choice. Cut it out and glue it to the clothespin to cover one side of it.

Make a paper heart and cut it out. Any size you like any color you like.

Next take the paper heart and add a special message or embellish it with stickers, glitter or markers.

Glue heart to clothespin.

Turn clothespin over and add magnet.

You now have a Valentine magnet to put on your refrigerator or add to a Valentine’s gift.

Add it to a clear bag with ribbon for a final touch or anything you plan on giving as a present.

Happy New Year!

With a new year comes a new calendar. A couple of years back for Christmas I made my siblings some really fun calendars by using the pocket calendars that you get at Hobby Lobby, Michaels or the Dollar Store.

Making the calendars more your style is fun and easy with the use of some glue or sticky tape, paper and embellishments.

Things you need:

Pocket calendar with plastic cover

double sided tape or craft glue stick Extra Strength

scrapbook paper



embellishments – stickers, letters, quotes, etc…


First you need to remove the plastic covering from the calendar.

Next take a sheet of your favorite paper and trace the cover on the unprinted side of your paper. Cut along the pattern you just made.

Lay your calendar out (shown here) and use two sided tape (shown here) or a craft glue stick to apply your paper to the cover.

Line your paper up to the edge of the calendar and smooth is out as you apply it.

Next use stickers, papers or any embellishments to make your calendar more personal.

Then after your project is finished place the calendar back into the plastic cover.

This project can also be done to make the cover of a journal, address book, daily planner or any book that you want to make more special.


This is a great project to make with your little ones or to make for a group of kids for a Christmas party, ornaments on the tree and table placing.

Things you need:

Clothespins – The picture below shows the ones you will need.

Red balls or red round beads- for noses

wiggly eyes – (optional)


1. Take two clothespins and glue them together to make the body of the reindeer.

2. Take one clothespin and add a dab of glue to the round part of the clothespin for the nose. (you can use a red ball, red bead or you could even draw it on with a red marker.

3. Glue the eyes on. (you can use black, blue or brown marker if you want to)

4. Glue head to the body and you got yourself a reindeer.

You can hang it up on your tree by just pushing the branch between the legs.

Other ideas:

There are many things you can do to the head it’s all up to you and what

supplies you have. I’ve added glitter to my antlers. You can add

eyelashes to the eyes to make a girl. Add a small bow above her eyes if you want.

You could tie a piece of ribbon around it’s neck for a scarf.

I’ve also added just a little piece of green felt and added a red bead to it to make it look like holly.

I’ve also seen where someone just made the heads drilled holes in the sides all the way through and put them on a ribbon with beads and made a necklace. It was really cute.

Happy Reindeer making.

A while back I made magnets for Christmas presents and made some for birthdays as well. They are really simple to make. Even a kid can do it and fast and very cheap.

Here is what you need:

glass pebbles (find at craft store) – the ones you see in the bottom of a beta fish plant bowl.

glue – clear paper glue not Elmers glue it doesn’t dry well.

construction paper or scrapbook paper


magazines or stickers or your own drawings.. (I’ve used stamps too and other things.)

magnet strips or tiny magnets

1. Take the magazines or whatever you want to use and cut out the picture.

2. Glue it to the paper of your choice.

3. Cut out the picture after it dries a little.

4. Put glue on the back side of the clear pebble and add your cut out picture to it.

5. After it dries cut around the pebble.

6. Apply the magnet.

Now it’s done. Pretty neat. Make about 5 or more and give as a gift.

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