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Just because Valentine’s has come and went, it doesn’t mean that there is nothing left to celebrate in the month of February. There is still plenty to look forward to.

February is Wild Bird Feeding Month, National Cherry Month, Library Lovers’ Month, Responsible Pet Owner’s Month, and Black History Month. Plus you still have Friendship week, which lands the 21-27 and Tootsie Roll Anniversary on the 23.

So there is no time like today than to plan some extra fun for the month.

Make a bird feeder for the birds this week. Birds need help finding food during the winter and this is a great time to help. Find a pinecone and put peanut butter on it and roll it in birdseed. Find a place to hang it outside so you can see the birds enjoy the food. Make more than one and hang them all over the place.

Here is one more recipe for the birds. Take a saucepan mix 2 quarts of water and 1 cup margarine. Boil. Add 4 cups cereal like cornmeal, rolled oats, or grain. Mix in 1 cup  butter and 1 cup chopped fruit like raisins or dates. Pack mixture into plastic containers and let cool. Set bowls outside so the birds can enjoy it.

Take a trip to the store and find a neat bird feeder for your yard and install it so that you can feed the birds all year around.

Get books from the library to help you identify the birds that visit your yard. (This also helps you celebrate Library Lovers’ Month)

To help with National Cherry Month bake something new with cherries in it. There are many recipes out there that sound wonderful and would make a perfect treat for you and your family.

Make cherry jello and kool-aid. Cut out shapes in your jello with cookie cutters and make popsicles with the kool-aid. Take an ice cube tray and add kool-aid and cover it with plastic wrap and use toothpicks to poke holes in each cube and leave them in. Put in freezer and enjoy when frozen.

Enjoy cherry cheesecake. You can make one from scratch or by the box mix at the store.

Mix a cherry smoothie with frozen cherries.

Use dried cherries in your cereal or salad.

Websites for more information on birds and cherries:








It’s the last week in October and it’s your last chance to enjoy Popcorn Popping Month. If your anything like my family we eat popcorn at least once a week. We like to eat it while watching a movie on Family Movie Night.

To help you celebrate here are some ways to enjoy your popcorn.

Where did popcorn come from?

Popcorn was originated in Mexico 80,000 years ago in Mexico city. The English colonists were introduced to popcorn at the first Thanksgiving feast.

You can find out more at http://www.sgw.ca/facts/where.html


Popcorn flavors and varieties

There are so many flavors of popcorn available.  Anything from the regular butter and cheese to fruity and Jalapeño. We have a place here that sells different kinds by the bag or tin you can order it online at http://www.popcornfharmacy.com/.  It is one of my favorite places to get popcorn.

You can also try going to your local grocery store for different varieties by checking the snack aisle or your microwave popcorn aisle.

Another way to make your popcorn special is by making your own. You can add just about anything to your popcorn. Like cinnamon, sugar, salt, Tabasco sauce, garlic salt or whatever sounds good. The grocery store has different kinds of popcorn shakers available too.

Check here for more ideas: http://www.cdkitchen.com/recipes/cat/764/

Things you can make

Bird feeder or jewelry

You can string your popcorn to make a bird feeder for the birds. Use thread or dental floss and string it and put it outside on a tree for the birds to enjoy. (Tip: sit out popcorn overnight to make it easier to string)

You can also string it for a nice necklace or bracelet that you can eat.

Dyed corn

Take unpopped kernels and dye them in food coloring or popped corn too.

Take your kernels and put it in a bowl with food coloring and let it set for a couple of hours or longer and then let it set to dry out overnight.

Put popped corn in a ziploc bag and add a little food coloring in it and shake it up to make your favorite color.

Take dyed corn and glue it on paper to make something special or use it to decorate a picture frame.

Take some time to enjoy some popcorn this week. There is so many things you can do with it. I hope this inspired you to do something fun.

Popcorn Facts:

Popcorn has more protein than any other cereal grain.

Unbuttered popcorn has about 25-55 calories per cup.

It’s the only type of corn that pops.

Want to know more visit:



Leave me a comment to let me know what you do with your popcorn.

Happy Popping!!!!

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