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Valentine’s Day is this weekend. Are you ready? If not here are some extra tips to help you out.

Theater Night –

Turn your living room into a theater. Don’t forget to include a concession stand.

For this idea you will need some poster board or construction paper, markers, popcorn, candy, drinks and a couple of movies.

Take your poster board and make a name for your theater. Take another piece of board or paper and list your movies and show times. Make extra signs too for the restrooms, exits and concession. For the concession stand list your items and a cost. Like $1 for popcorn, $2 for candy and drinks. Make play money and tickets to give to your guests.

Invite your guests through a hand made card and include the tickets and play money.

Turn your living room into a theater. Hang up signs in the house to tell your guests what time the movie starts and signs for the restroom, exits and concession. If you have a bar in your kitchen you can make this your concession stand or use a table.

When it’s time for the guests to arrive make sure you take their tickets and be ready to serve at the concession stand.

Have fun and enjoy the movie.

Valentine Peanut Butter Cookies –

Make your favorite peanut butter cookies and add Hersey kisses to them when they come out of the oven. It’s the best peanut butter cookies you’ll ever have.

Make a college –

Take a piece of paper and add words and pictures that tell your loved one what they mean to you.

Make a flower pot –

Get flower seeds and a small pot. Decorate the outside and add soil and seeds. The recipient can transplant the flower outside in their own garden to watch it grow all spring.

Be creative this Valentine’s Day and show someone how much they mean to you. A homemade gift can really speak to a persons heart.


Valentine’s Day Coupon Book:

This is something you can make for your husband, wife or children. It’s a great project for everyone and something fun to receive.


Card stock or construction paper



stapler or hole punch

And this link: Valentine’s Day Coupon (to use template you must have Word)

Valentine’s Day Coupon:

Redeem this coupon for __________________________________

From ____________________________________


Use the template above to make the coupons. Add what you would like to it using your computer. You can add your own images.

Print them out and cut them. Print them on regular paper or colored card stock.

Take a piece of paper and cut out a rectangle a little bigger than your coupons. You will need two.

Take one of the rectangles and make this your cover. Add writing, stickers and drawings.

Put the finished coupons together and add the cover and back. Use a stapler to hold it together or a hole punch and tie it up with ribbon or string.

Don’t know what to write, here are some ideas:

Take out the trash

Make a puzzle together

Play a board game

Hugs and kisses

Back rub

Clean room

Dinner and movie

Make a tent together

Camp out inside the house

Play football

Valentine’s Clothespin Magnets

Supplies needed:

Pretty paper

Colored paper

1 clothespin

Magnet strip



Embellishments – stickers, glitter, markers, brads, buttons, etc…..

Take the clothespin and trace around it on the pretty paper of your choice. Cut it out and glue it to the clothespin to cover one side of it.

Make a paper heart and cut it out. Any size you like any color you like.

Next take the paper heart and add a special message or embellish it with stickers, glitter or markers.

Glue heart to clothespin.

Turn clothespin over and add magnet.

You now have a Valentine magnet to put on your refrigerator or add to a Valentine’s gift.

Add it to a clear bag with ribbon for a final touch or anything you plan on giving as a present.

Not to much longer and it will be Halloween and everyone needs a little ghost and spider to celebrate.

Today I’m going to share with you how to make ghosts and spiders using your children’s hands and feet or whoever you have around that you want to do a craft with.




black and white paper (card stock if you have it or construction paper)

black marker and white crayon or colored pencil

wiggly eyes (optional)

glue (stick or just regular glue)


1. Take hand and trace it on the black paper using a pencil or a white crayon. You want to trace both hands.

tracing hands

2. Take hands that you traced and cut them out.

cutting hands

After you cut them out you want to make sure you cut the thumbs off too as shown in the picture.

no thumbs

3. Next you want to take the hands that you cut out and lay them palms together on top of each other as shown here.

palms together

4. After you position the hands the way you like them you’ll glue them together.

5. Now you can glue eyes on or if you don’t have eyes you can use your white crayon. You can get creative and use just about anything for eyes.

spider eyes

Now you have your spider.


1. Take your white paper and trace your child’s foot. Go around the tips of the toes to make it kinda bumpy. (you don’t have too but I liked the ghosts this way)

foot tracing

2. Cut the ghost out.

3. Add a face with your black markers. Make any face you want.

ghost face

Note: If you don’t have any white card stock or construction paper you can use regular printer paper. I used it for the ghosts you see here and then just glued them onto green card stock to make them heavier. Then cut around the ghosts to give them a border.

Make several ghosts and spiders and put them around the house or string them together and hang them as garland. Send one to Grandma and Grandpa or use them as invitations to your Halloween party. Take a hanger and string them  on there like a mobile or hang them from the ceiling as decorations.

Have fun with your new friends.



Spider Facts

Webbing is considered to be the strongest organic chemical substance on Earth.

Most Spiders have six or eight eyes.

The tarantula is the largest spider and can live for more than 30 years.

For more interesting facts visit:



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