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Valentine’s Day is this weekend. Are you ready? If not here are some extra tips to help you out.

Theater Night –

Turn your living room into a theater. Don’t forget to include a concession stand.

For this idea you will need some poster board or construction paper, markers, popcorn, candy, drinks and a couple of movies.

Take your poster board and make a name for your theater. Take another piece of board or paper and list your movies and show times. Make extra signs too for the restrooms, exits and concession. For the concession stand list your items and a cost. Like $1 for popcorn, $2 for candy and drinks. Make play money and tickets to give to your guests.

Invite your guests through a hand made card and include the tickets and play money.

Turn your living room into a theater. Hang up signs in the house to tell your guests what time the movie starts and signs for the restroom, exits and concession. If you have a bar in your kitchen you can make this your concession stand or use a table.

When it’s time for the guests to arrive make sure you take their tickets and be ready to serve at the concession stand.

Have fun and enjoy the movie.

Valentine Peanut Butter Cookies –

Make your favorite peanut butter cookies and add Hersey kisses to them when they come out of the oven. It’s the best peanut butter cookies you’ll ever have.

Make a college –

Take a piece of paper and add words and pictures that tell your loved one what they mean to you.

Make a flower pot –

Get flower seeds and a small pot. Decorate the outside and add soil and seeds. The recipient can transplant the flower outside in their own garden to watch it grow all spring.

Be creative this Valentine’s Day and show someone how much they mean to you. A homemade gift can really speak to a persons heart.


Valentine’s Clothespin Magnets

Supplies needed:

Pretty paper

Colored paper

1 clothespin

Magnet strip



Embellishments – stickers, glitter, markers, brads, buttons, etc…..

Take the clothespin and trace around it on the pretty paper of your choice. Cut it out and glue it to the clothespin to cover one side of it.

Make a paper heart and cut it out. Any size you like any color you like.

Next take the paper heart and add a special message or embellish it with stickers, glitter or markers.

Glue heart to clothespin.

Turn clothespin over and add magnet.

You now have a Valentine magnet to put on your refrigerator or add to a Valentine’s gift.

Add it to a clear bag with ribbon for a final touch or anything you plan on giving as a present.

Today is a great day to enjoy your favorite sandwich. Get creative and make a new creation.

Try creating a new sandwich and giving it a fancy name. Add things together that you normally wouldn’t put on a sandwich. Try different meats, cheeses or breads.

Create a dagwood sandwich by adding as much as you can to the sandwich with maybe an extra piece of bread.

Make your own sub sandwich. The deli at your local grocery store should have bread in long rolls that you can use.

Another way to have fun with your sandwich is use cookie cutters to make sandwich shapes. They have special cutters that you can find at your grocery store or Wal-Mart that cut the sandwich in a dinosaur shape or other things too. You can also use food markers that you can find at your local grocer too. They are usually found in the baking aisle by the icing. Use them to make a face on the sandwich or write a special message.

Sandwiches can be made just about any way you can imagine. Enjoy today by going to a special sandwich shop that you haven’t been to before there are a ton of great places out there and you might find something you really like.

Other ways to celebrate could be making a game out of it. See who can build the tallest sandwich? Who can come up with the silliest name for a sandwich? Who can name the most sandwiches in a minute? Name as many sandwich restaurant you can. Who can make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich the fastest?

Eat a sandwich for dinner. It will make dinner easy and fun.

Facts about Sandwiches

Did you know there is a city called Sandwich, Illinois? It’s a city that lies on the borders of DeKalb County, Illinois, LaSalle County, Illinois and Kendall County, Illinois. (Try locating it on the map today)

According to the Guiness Book of World Records, the record for eating sandwiches is held by Peter Dowdeswell. He ate 40 jam and butter sandwiches in 17 minutes, 53.9 seconds on October 17, 1977.

John Montague, 4th Earl of Sandwich (1718-1792) is supposed to have invented the sandwich as a quick meal so as not to interrupt his gambling sessions.

The largest sandwich ever made weighed in at 6,991lbs (3,178kgs). Check it out here. http://www.supersizedmeals.com/food/article.php/20060320192419202

In attempt to make a giant sandwich Iran failed, they started eating it before it got measured. Read about it here.


Have a great day celebrating with Sandwiches.

It’s November already, can  you believe it?  I know it’s hard for me to believe.

This month is going to be packed full of all kinds of crafts, recipes and days to celebrate. I can’t wait to share with you.

November Calendar

Mark your calendar with these special days.

International Drum Month

National Aviation Month

International Creative Child and Adult Month

Thanksgiving Week – National Game and Puzzle Week and National Bible Week

3 National Sandwich Day

5 National Doughnut Day

11 Veterans Day

14 National Teddy Bear Day

15 America Recycles Day and National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day

16 The Sound of Music Day

17 Homemade Bread Day

29 Historical Figure Day

Crafts this month

Tracing leaves

Nature bowl

Turkey place holders

Turkey pine cones


recycle projects

Christmas gifts and more.

Plus I’ll share some of my favorite holiday recipes.

Come back tomorrow for ways to celebrate Sandwich Day.

Links for Calendar of Events




Turkey pinecone

Come back for instructions how to make this cute little turkey.





It’s the last week in October and it’s your last chance to enjoy Popcorn Popping Month. If your anything like my family we eat popcorn at least once a week. We like to eat it while watching a movie on Family Movie Night.

To help you celebrate here are some ways to enjoy your popcorn.

Where did popcorn come from?

Popcorn was originated in Mexico 80,000 years ago in Mexico city. The English colonists were introduced to popcorn at the first Thanksgiving feast.

You can find out more at http://www.sgw.ca/facts/where.html


Popcorn flavors and varieties

There are so many flavors of popcorn available.  Anything from the regular butter and cheese to fruity and Jalapeño. We have a place here that sells different kinds by the bag or tin you can order it online at http://www.popcornfharmacy.com/.  It is one of my favorite places to get popcorn.

You can also try going to your local grocery store for different varieties by checking the snack aisle or your microwave popcorn aisle.

Another way to make your popcorn special is by making your own. You can add just about anything to your popcorn. Like cinnamon, sugar, salt, Tabasco sauce, garlic salt or whatever sounds good. The grocery store has different kinds of popcorn shakers available too.

Check here for more ideas: http://www.cdkitchen.com/recipes/cat/764/

Things you can make

Bird feeder or jewelry

You can string your popcorn to make a bird feeder for the birds. Use thread or dental floss and string it and put it outside on a tree for the birds to enjoy. (Tip: sit out popcorn overnight to make it easier to string)

You can also string it for a nice necklace or bracelet that you can eat.

Dyed corn

Take unpopped kernels and dye them in food coloring or popped corn too.

Take your kernels and put it in a bowl with food coloring and let it set for a couple of hours or longer and then let it set to dry out overnight.

Put popped corn in a ziploc bag and add a little food coloring in it and shake it up to make your favorite color.

Take dyed corn and glue it on paper to make something special or use it to decorate a picture frame.

Take some time to enjoy some popcorn this week. There is so many things you can do with it. I hope this inspired you to do something fun.

Popcorn Facts:

Popcorn has more protein than any other cereal grain.

Unbuttered popcorn has about 25-55 calories per cup.

It’s the only type of corn that pops.

Want to know more visit:



Leave me a comment to let me know what you do with your popcorn.

Happy Popping!!!!

Not to much longer and it will be Halloween and everyone needs a little ghost and spider to celebrate.

Today I’m going to share with you how to make ghosts and spiders using your children’s hands and feet or whoever you have around that you want to do a craft with.




black and white paper (card stock if you have it or construction paper)

black marker and white crayon or colored pencil

wiggly eyes (optional)

glue (stick or just regular glue)


1. Take hand and trace it on the black paper using a pencil or a white crayon. You want to trace both hands.

tracing hands

2. Take hands that you traced and cut them out.

cutting hands

After you cut them out you want to make sure you cut the thumbs off too as shown in the picture.

no thumbs

3. Next you want to take the hands that you cut out and lay them palms together on top of each other as shown here.

palms together

4. After you position the hands the way you like them you’ll glue them together.

5. Now you can glue eyes on or if you don’t have eyes you can use your white crayon. You can get creative and use just about anything for eyes.

spider eyes

Now you have your spider.


1. Take your white paper and trace your child’s foot. Go around the tips of the toes to make it kinda bumpy. (you don’t have too but I liked the ghosts this way)

foot tracing

2. Cut the ghost out.

3. Add a face with your black markers. Make any face you want.

ghost face

Note: If you don’t have any white card stock or construction paper you can use regular printer paper. I used it for the ghosts you see here and then just glued them onto green card stock to make them heavier. Then cut around the ghosts to give them a border.

Make several ghosts and spiders and put them around the house or string them together and hang them as garland. Send one to Grandma and Grandpa or use them as invitations to your Halloween party. Take a hanger and string them  on there like a mobile or hang them from the ceiling as decorations.

Have fun with your new friends.



Spider Facts

Webbing is considered to be the strongest organic chemical substance on Earth.

Most Spiders have six or eight eyes.

The tarantula is the largest spider and can live for more than 30 years.

For more interesting facts visit:



Yoda Pumpkin I love fall time with all the varieties of gourds, squash, and pumpkins. There is an over abundance of the treasures that wait to come home with you to be made into some wonderful. Whether it be decoration or food. This little family can provide so many great opportunities for you and your family.

Pumpkins can be use to carve, paint, decorate in almost any way you can imagine and eaten too.

Here are some ideas on how to make your pumpkin special.

Pumpkin Painting

Get yourself a great big pumpkin or whatever size you like and paint a face or anything you like. The sky is the limit and there are tons of ideas out there.





Use felt to decorate your pumpkin. Take different colors and shapes and glue a face to it. You could even add some feet and other things too.

Pumpkin Carving

One of the most popular things to do for this time of the year is carve your pumpkin. Find a nice size pumpkin with a good outside. Pick one that has a least one side that is nice, round and blemish free.

There are many different pumpkin carving kits to choose from when it comes to carving and I would suggest getting one if you are going to have children help with the carving. I think having a kit makes it easier to carve as well. Using a knife can be really hard.

Clean the pumpkin. Wash the outside of it off so that you can have a good area to start your project.

Get tons of newspaper or an old tablecloth to cover your workspace with. You will get messy so be ready.

This next part is the funnest part of all. Taking the seeds out. You want to cut a circle around the stem (You will need a knife for it) and then remove the top to get to the seeds. Get a bowl ready for all your seeds. In your kit you should find a scoop. If your not using a kit use a small cup of some kind that will fit inside the pumpkin to scoop out the seeds. Then you want to keep your seeds in a bowl for later.

After you get all the seeds out you want to scrap the insides of your pumpkin clean. Make sure you get all the goop out and make the walls of the pumpkin as clean as you can.

Pick out your favorite design and carve the pumpkin into something amazing that your family and friends will enjoy.

There are a ton of sites out there with templates and other helpful tips on carving. I have provided some of my favorites here.






Want to carve your some of your favorite cereal character visit this site for Lucky Charms, Trix, and Frankenberry.


Pumpkin Fact

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the largest Jack-o-lantern carved is 1,469 pounds.

Enjoy this Halloween with your new friend. Make sure to take pictures.

Come back soon for more Halloween ideas. I’ll show you how to make ghosts using your feet and spiders using your hands. Plus a recipes for all the pumpkin seeds you’ll have.

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