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Valentine’s Day Coupon Book:

This is something you can make for your husband, wife or children. It’s a great project for everyone and something fun to receive.


Card stock or construction paper



stapler or hole punch

And this link: Valentine’s Day Coupon (to use template you must have Word)

Valentine’s Day Coupon:

Redeem this coupon for __________________________________

From ____________________________________


Use the template above to make the coupons. Add what you would like to it using your computer. You can add your own images.

Print them out and cut them. Print them on regular paper or colored card stock.

Take a piece of paper and cut out a rectangle a little bigger than your coupons. You will need two.

Take one of the rectangles and make this your cover. Add writing, stickers and drawings.

Put the finished coupons together and add the cover and back. Use a stapler to hold it together or a hole punch and tie it up with ribbon or string.

Don’t know what to write, here are some ideas:

Take out the trash

Make a puzzle together

Play a board game

Hugs and kisses

Back rub

Clean room

Dinner and movie

Make a tent together

Camp out inside the house

Play football


Since Valentine’s Day is coming up and the month hasn’t started here is a great idea that you can do for your husband, wife or children.

Get 14 cards, note cards, postcards, index cards or post it notes. Whatever you can write a love note one. You can get cheap cards just about anywhere. Hallmark, Wal-Mart, Target the Dollar Store. You can also be creative and make your own cards with stickers, markers, construction paper, glitter and whatever else you have on hand.

Send one card to them everyday of the week or put it on the dresser, lunch pail, backpack, wherever you want you loved one to find it. Sending a card in the mail is great because not a lot of people get mail anymore and this would be neat for kids to receive one each day. Now I realize that on Sunday you can’t send one so hid it somewhere in the house that they can find it. You can also do this during the week as well.  Send them to their place of work as well.

Inside the card you can say whatever you want. Be creative and have fun.

If you wanted you could put clues in them for where you will take him or her out for Valentines or pieces of a puzzle they will have to put together. Special stickers, candy, small toys, pencils, pens and anything small.

Start getting your stuff together now or you’ll run out of time. Have fun with it and don’t forget you got to do it everyday.

Come back for more ideas for Valentine’s Day.

Happy New Year!

With a new year comes a new calendar. A couple of years back for Christmas I made my siblings some really fun calendars by using the pocket calendars that you get at Hobby Lobby, Michaels or the Dollar Store.

Making the calendars more your style is fun and easy with the use of some glue or sticky tape, paper and embellishments.

Things you need:

Pocket calendar with plastic cover

double sided tape or craft glue stick Extra Strength

scrapbook paper



embellishments – stickers, letters, quotes, etc…


First you need to remove the plastic covering from the calendar.

Next take a sheet of your favorite paper and trace the cover on the unprinted side of your paper. Cut along the pattern you just made.

Lay your calendar out (shown here) and use two sided tape (shown here) or a craft glue stick to apply your paper to the cover.

Line your paper up to the edge of the calendar and smooth is out as you apply it.

Next use stickers, papers or any embellishments to make your calendar more personal.

Then after your project is finished place the calendar back into the plastic cover.

This project can also be done to make the cover of a journal, address book, daily planner or any book that you want to make more special.

A while back I made magnets for Christmas presents and made some for birthdays as well. They are really simple to make. Even a kid can do it and fast and very cheap.

Here is what you need:

glass pebbles (find at craft store) – the ones you see in the bottom of a beta fish plant bowl.

glue – clear paper glue not Elmers glue it doesn’t dry well.

construction paper or scrapbook paper


magazines or stickers or your own drawings.. (I’ve used stamps too and other things.)

magnet strips or tiny magnets

1. Take the magazines or whatever you want to use and cut out the picture.

2. Glue it to the paper of your choice.

3. Cut out the picture after it dries a little.

4. Put glue on the back side of the clear pebble and add your cut out picture to it.

5. After it dries cut around the pebble.

6. Apply the magnet.

Now it’s done. Pretty neat. Make about 5 or more and give as a gift.

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