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Valentine’s Day is this weekend. Are you ready? If not here are some extra tips to help you out.

Theater Night –

Turn your living room into a theater. Don’t forget to include a concession stand.

For this idea you will need some poster board or construction paper, markers, popcorn, candy, drinks and a couple of movies.

Take your poster board and make a name for your theater. Take another piece of board or paper and list your movies and show times. Make extra signs too for the restrooms, exits and concession. For the concession stand list your items and a cost. Like $1 for popcorn, $2 for candy and drinks. Make play money and tickets to give to your guests.

Invite your guests through a hand made card and include the tickets and play money.

Turn your living room into a theater. Hang up signs in the house to tell your guests what time the movie starts and signs for the restroom, exits and concession. If you have a bar in your kitchen you can make this your concession stand or use a table.

When it’s time for the guests to arrive make sure you take their tickets and be ready to serve at the concession stand.

Have fun and enjoy the movie.

Valentine Peanut Butter Cookies –

Make your favorite peanut butter cookies and add Hersey kisses to them when they come out of the oven. It’s the best peanut butter cookies you’ll ever have.

Make a college –

Take a piece of paper and add words and pictures that tell your loved one what they mean to you.

Make a flower pot –

Get flower seeds and a small pot. Decorate the outside and add soil and seeds. The recipient can transplant the flower outside in their own garden to watch it grow all spring.

Be creative this Valentine’s Day and show someone how much they mean to you. A homemade gift can really speak to a persons heart.


Looking to add a little romance to your Valentine’s Day without spending to much money?  Here is an idea that won’t break you.

Have a nice evening with a candle light dinner.

Find a recipe that you’ve never tried before but looks elegant and fun to make. Make it for your special person and set your table with candles in different sizes or shapes. Use the nicest plates you have along with a fork, spoon, knife and napkins. Champagne or wine glasses are great for drinks even if it’s just water or tea. Add confetti hearts or make your own out of construction paper. For place mats use 12×12 decorative paper.

Make a nice dessert to go with it. Chocolate covered strawberries or an inexpensive cheesecake.

Serve your loved one dinner and then end the night with a long walk together, a trip the lake, or a great romantic movie.

To learn how to set at table look here for instructions http://www.silverqueen.com/Sterling-Silver-Flatware/Set-Your-Table.asp

Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it.

Here is another idea to help you out.

Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt –

Pick a location that you want to go for Valentine’s Day. A hotel, park, a restaurant, movie theater, trip, or wherever you want to take your family or loved one too.

Make a list of clues. Let’s say 14. Make them kinda tricky so that they won’t be able to figure it out so well at first.

You could say something like:

Start with a O

It’s black

Has 11 letters

Little Italy

Two Words

Fill in the blanks O_ _ _ E  G _ _ _ E _

Answer: Olive Garden

You your imagination. Use magazine, puzzle pieces, pictures of different objects that would give hints.

Since Valentine’s Day is coming up and the month hasn’t started here is a great idea that you can do for your husband, wife or children.

Get 14 cards, note cards, postcards, index cards or post it notes. Whatever you can write a love note one. You can get cheap cards just about anywhere. Hallmark, Wal-Mart, Target the Dollar Store. You can also be creative and make your own cards with stickers, markers, construction paper, glitter and whatever else you have on hand.

Send one card to them everyday of the week or put it on the dresser, lunch pail, backpack, wherever you want you loved one to find it. Sending a card in the mail is great because not a lot of people get mail anymore and this would be neat for kids to receive one each day. Now I realize that on Sunday you can’t send one so hid it somewhere in the house that they can find it. You can also do this during the week as well.  Send them to their place of work as well.

Inside the card you can say whatever you want. Be creative and have fun.

If you wanted you could put clues in them for where you will take him or her out for Valentines or pieces of a puzzle they will have to put together. Special stickers, candy, small toys, pencils, pens and anything small.

Start getting your stuff together now or you’ll run out of time. Have fun with it and don’t forget you got to do it everyday.

Come back for more ideas for Valentine’s Day.

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